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Shanghai Sinoship Seafarer Management Co., Ltd.
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Logo of the Sinoship:

Blue stands for sea and red stands for sun.
Implication: wish the seafarers, shipowners and Sinoship to develop as the sun rises.

Enterprise Values:
Striving for forging ahead;
Keeping cooperative win-win policy;
Taking people as the foremost;
Making Service Oriented.

Striving for forging ahead:
Showing the enterprise's spirituality. Being prepared for danger when in safety, being free from arrogance and impetuosity as well as striving for excellence.

Keeping cooperative win-win policy:
Showing the enterprise's operating philosophy. Cooperate with the shipowners and provide them with the most suitable seafarers; cooperate with the seafarers and look for best shipowners for them, thus also achieving the development and expansion of the enterprise.

Taking people as the foremost:
Showing the enterprise's humanistic care. The enterprise cares the employees' materials living standard, family happiness and personal development in order to enable the employees to have the sense of happiness in a high degree and realize personal values; the enterprise also cares the physical and psychological health of the seafarers as well as their career development in order to use the enterprise's strength to help them make the blue seafarers dream come true.

Making Service Oriented:
Showing the enterprise's positioning. As a service company, Sinoship aims to provide the latest, most accurate and most comprehensive information as well as most considerable and most satisfactory service for shipowners and seafarers.

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